wavemob was first started silently as an output for music releases and projects by Klimeks who felt nothing represented the sound of music he was making.

wavemob is now a worldwide internet label & collective of passionate artists & producers pushing this sound with new ideas into the future and beyond.

to be continued..



  1. I love the wavemob. If I could learn to make this kind of music it would be a dream.


  2. Been following for a few years, such a unique style of music and I have been in love for time.


    • Its like a modern take on Witch House,Pop and Trap.Alot of producers have taken influence from the style like Vegard Veslelia,Yung Gud,Corrin Roddick,GREAF,Sidewalks and Skeletons are some to name a few.


  3. wavemob changed my life forever ❤ for the better and but people ask me all the time and ask me whatnis wavemob… i just think of all the cool talented artists and sounds that i have been exposed to in this collective.. i don't find words to describe this wave movemenent.. can someone share a mission/definition i can elaborate what wavemob is?


  4. Cool tunes and I love the idea of using original visuals in a live setting rather than just the usual strobes and lED displays, any female artists in the collective?


  5. Is Somebody able to recreate / teach some of those sounds / tracks ? I started to produce a couple weeks ago and want to belong to this chapter, if somebody wants to help / work with me feel free!Big Ups to all Wave Artists, Im hyped fpr 003!


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