Plastician – The Wave Pool MMXV

plastician wave pool mix

Plastician has recently put together this new mix entitled ‘The Wave Pool MMXV’. It is a good representation of what we represent and features many of our own producers / artists as well as our friends.

We thank Plastician for his continued support with helping push the sound & scene of this music forward.

words from Plastician:

In 2015 a style of music came to light that was seemingly spawned out of Soundcloud. This sound is something created by producers with an ear for emotive, ethereal soundscapes, often drawing influence from rap productions. As big as the basslines are on much of the tracks in this mix, it’s apparent that a lot of these songs are not built with the club in mind. With producers as young as 14 in this mix, it’s pretty easy to see why that would be the case given many of them have never stepped foot inside a nightclub.
In 2015 it’s easier to get hold of a copy of FL Studio or Ableton than it is to get your hands on a set of CDJ’s, so not only are many of these tracks not built for the club, many of them are not built with the DJ in mind either. Intros with odd numbers of beats, and even intros with filter rises all the way to the drop are not uncommon. But as awkward as it can be to physically mix these tracks without the aid of pre planned ableton sessions or some form of bpm locking, it is a sound that cries out to be recognised on a global scale, away from the comfort of Soundcloud, and therefore has really grabbed my attention in the past 18 months.
I put this mix together to highlight some of the amazing talents and tracks that I’ve managed to pick up mostly on Soundcloud or on Bandcamp. This is a truly independent movement far removed from the mainstream music moguls. It is music built in the purest of senses. I present this mix to you in hope of opening your ears to some of the most exciting producers I’ve come across sprawling Soundcloud on the hunt for raw talent.
Salute to all of the producers, label heads, channels and the listeners on this one. Full tracklisting below – be sure to do some digging of your own after listening and be sure to support the artists by buying, downloading and reposting their amazing tracks – many of which are available to download for free on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

I present to you, The Wave Pool.

Mixed by Plastician.

Misogi – Beowulf [w/ Oshi]
Foxwedding – Death Though
CVRL – You You
Klimeks – Underwaterhearts
Noah B – Discover
Jack Chainz – Polar
Brothel x Sidewalks & Skeletons – Glass Coffin
Misogi – Ugly
Brothel – Camisa [ft. Clementino Beats]
Plastician – Tainted
Derg x Dingus – Underwater Sap
Yung Still – Rogue
2Tone – Black Ice
D****** C**** – Say My Name [Was Legit Bootleg]
Klimeks – Odyssey
WTCHCRFT – Dance With Me The World Is Ending
Kareful – Darker Waters
CVRL – Alone
Klimeks – Slice
Sorsari – Children Of Gaia
CVRL – Slow Dive [ft. SLVRFNG]
Hnrk & DJ Heroin – Wolf Fang
CVRL – Opaque [ft. Nyquill]
Trash Lord – Skylines [ft. Whispa]
2Nervous2Be – I’m Ugly
Kareful x Myst – Synergy
Noah B – Azure
Noah B – XXXX
Kareful – She Wanna

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